David Gowing

Three happy anglers left the lake on Sat 24th Sept. as we had all achieved pbs. On arrival we were met by Barry and Toni (who were extremely helpful throughout our stay) and given a tour of the lake.  There is a food package available and I can recommend the main meals with good portions and this came with a drink or two (alcoholic or non). Toni cooked the meals and accommodated any dietary needs.

Between us we landed 16 (or maybe 17) fish ranging from a 10lb grass carp to a 40lb common, 44lb 1oz mirror, 46lb 10oz mirror, 48lb 7oz common and the new lake record 57lb 1oz common. The average weight was just over 35lb excluding the grass carp. My average was just over 40lb. We fished swims 1, 2 and 4. Most of the fish were caught early morning, up to 10am. I will be returning as there is a 50lb+ common waiting for me to catch.

The wildlife around the lake is great with hares, owls (including an eagle owl) woodpeckers and birds of prey. My highlight was watching an osprey catch a fish for dinner whilst I was eating my dinner. It was probably a bird that was passing thorough on its migration.

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