Terms & Rules

Booking policy

Reservations will be held for 7 days once your booking has been submitted and confirmed.

All reservations are for fishing only, we do not offer any transport, lodging or hire out any equipment.

A £75 / €90 deposit per angler or for lake exclusive bookings the deposit will be for the maximum amount of anglers allowed on the lake regardless of how many are attending (Nap 1 – £450 / Nap 2 – £300), will be taken after confirmation of your booking with the remaining balance due 8 weeks before your arrival.

Please note:  Arrival time is from 12:30 and the departure time is up until 10:00.

Cancellation policy

If you cancel your booking* (no show) you will be liable to a cancellation fee as follows:

– All deposit payments are non-refundable

– Cancellations less than six weeks before your arrival date – forfeit of total booking fee

* Customers that are unable to fulfill their booking for any reason that is outside of the control of Napoleon Lakes will be considered as a cancelled booking.


These rules are for everyone’s enjoyment while they are at Napoleon Lakes.

We have kept them to a minimum so not to spoil your time while you are here so please read through carefully and adhere to them.

Landing nets, unhooking mats, weigh slings and Carp care kits are supplied so please leave yours at home, this will be at a cost of €50 deposit per swim on arrival and will be refunded on departure after inspection of the swim fridges to ensure they are left clean and in working order also on return of the carp care kit, if not then your deposit will be lost.

You can use either micro barbed or barbless hooks here on the lakes.

DO NOT….bring or use your own landing nets or weigh slings

DO NOT….bring or use your own unhooking mats or cradles

DO NOT….use any LEADERS, safe zone or others, rig tubing only

DO NOT….use hooks smaller than size 4

DO NOT….use nuts or maggots

DO NOT….use plastic or shelf life baits

DO NOT….use particles apart from those purchased from ourselves

DO NOT….use lead core, fixed leads or tether

DO NOT….use braided main line, please use 15lb minimum mainline

DO NOT….start fires or litter.  Bins are provided

DO NOT….exceed the three rod rule

DO NOT….leave rods unattended

DO NOT….retain fish for longer than 15 minutes

All fish to be returned to the lake immediately after photos, weighing and clinic.

Bait boats are allowed on Napoleon Lakes, but no pets, loud radios and definitely no swimming!

Please bring your receipt with you as proof of your booking on the lake.

We will not be held responsible for any personal injuries, illness or losses.

Please use unhooking mats at all times.

Please Note

These rules are for the safety and well being of the fish, and enjoyment for yourself and other anglers.

Each swim has its own electrical box and trip switch.  If you trip this witch you will be charged €25

If anyone is judged to be breaking any of the rules set out by Napoleon Lakes, or seen to behave in a manner that may offend or intimidate staff or other anglers, we have the right to terminate our services, and ask you to leave the complex.